If you're not sure how to pre-care and post-care your lash extensions, you're in the right place. 

PRE-CARE: We recommend the following for the best possible experience.

  • DO come to your lash appointment with clean lashes- any makeup on the lashes can interfere with the glue's ability to bond properly which can result in lashes that don't last as long.
  • DO plan ahead so you can clean your lashes before the service time starts, if you come in with makeup, your technician may spend up to 20 minutes cleaning your lashes instead of applying them. The less time she spends cleaning your lashes, the more time she has to apply them.
  • DO wear comfortable clothing, you will be laying down for up to two hours depending on the service you are getting. 
  • DO bring head phones if this will help you to relax and keep your eyes closed for up to two hours depending on the service you are getting. 
  • DO specify what style of lashes you would like when making the appointment so your technician can plan the appropriate time to serve you. 
  • DON'T hesitate to ask questions.
  • DON'T plan an important even directly after your lash appointment, you will want time for your eyes to adjust to your longer lashes.

AFTER CARE: We recommend the following to properly care for your lash extensions. 

  • DO: use a clean mascara wand to comb through and groom lashes daily.
  • DO: use oil free cosmetics and face wash to avoid breaking down the glue bond
  • DO: follow the advice of your professional lash artist. 
  • DO: use extension safe mascaras if you are going to use any mascara. We will research some plant based options. 
  • DO: avoid sleeping on your face.
  • DON’T: come in contact with heat 24-48 hours after application: saunas, hot tubs, direct sun, this will allow the glue to hold and set.
  • DON'T get lashes wet 2-4 hours after application, avoid soaking lashes in tub or shower.
  • DON’T: pull or twist lashes. This may cause your natural lashes to fall out. 
  • DON’T: use heated curlers on synthetic lashes
  • DON’T: forget to remove make-up or skin oil residue around eyes daily with q-tip.
  • DON’T: Remove eyelash extensions yourself.
  • DON’T: rub your eyes


Your lash technician will have a consult with you and have you fill out a consent form prior to the service. Your lash technician has a right to refuse service if she believes your eyelashes would be not a good candidate for this service. If she refuses service, it is for the best interest of the client's lash health. If you have any further questions, please contact your lash technician.